Mass-terful Effect

I finished Mass Effect 3 the other night. There has been a growing controversy online over the game’s ending, with thousands expressing their displeasure at Bioware for how they wrapped up the tale of Commander Shepard.

It was difficult trying to play the game with people repeatedly telling me “oh the game is great, but the ending sucks. You’ll see!”. I just wanted to be like “Shut the fuck up and let me decide that for myself.”

So I eventually got to the end of the game, and…

I was okay with it.

Sure, it could have been better, and the apparent “sixteen different” endings are basically the same ending with minor variations, but as for how the story wrapped up for my Commander Shepard, I was happy with it. I feel like how my character acted, the decisions he made, everything that led up to the final moments were properly rewarded by how the game ended for that character. I refuse to compare my ending to the other possible endings.

That said, there were a few things that disappointed me (that stupid little kid that kept popping up in the dream sequence was just annoying and unnecessary, I felt), but overall I enjoyed the game and I’m not going to join the horde demanding that Bioware rewrite the ending.

Besides, if the ending is truly as deep as Terry Richardson theorizes it is, fans might just be too dense to realize how brilliant it is.

I read this article earlier today, and it goes into detail on what the author thinks the game’s ending means. It’s definitely worth a look if you’ve finished the game already or don’t care about spoilers. Read it here.

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